October 5, 2008, Mississippi Delta region – This summer and fall high school students, community activists and community elders – old hands and first time workers working together -- scoured…

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September 24, 2008, Greenwood, MS – How do we get schools to keep students in schools where they can learn, rather than pushing them into the pipeline from schoolhouse to jailhouse?

That is what 48 parents, students and community members from under-performing school districts in the Mississippi Delta came together to learn in Greenwood, MS at a workshop on Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies prepared by the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable.

The REACH MS program of the University of Southern Mississippi provided the training under a grant from the US Department of Education and the MS Department of Education Office of Special Education. (more…)

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Fall, 2008, San Antonio, TX, Albuquerque, NM and Jackson, MS – Grassroots community organizations in Texas, New Mexico and Mississippi are putting the finishing touches on the 3rd Convening of the South X Southwest Experiment which will be held in San Antonio, TX December 6-8, 2008.

This third gathering of community organizers, community leaders and students will continue the sharing of personal stories, community histories, the organizational work in each state, and the formulation of joint programs across state and regional lines.  Projects in the planning stages include training workshops beginning in 2009 for a multi-year organizing approach to fight for an accurate census count in 2010 and the building of fair political districts in 2011.  (more…)

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Harvard Graduate Students Study Southern Echos WorkOctober 15, 2008, MS Delta – Harvard University Graduate School of Education researchers Kenneth Russell and Mara Tieken this week wrapped up the field research portion of their study of Southern Echo’s community organizing buy zolpidem no prescription model designed to empower grassroots communities to create a quality public education accessible to all children in Mississippi.

The study also includes Nollie Citizens for Quality Education in Holmes County, Sunflower County Parents and Students Organization in Indianola, Citizens for a Better Greenville in Washington County, and Concerned Citizens for a Better Tunica County. (more…)

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October 15, 2008, Jackson, MS – Southern Echo Executive Director Leroy Johnson has announced that Southern Echo is midway through the development of a 10-year strategic plan designed to set new paths for the work of the 19-year old organization, while anticipating and providing for necessary and appropriate transitions in organizational leadership during the next decade.

The framework of the plan, Mr. Johnson noted, is being developed during management team and staff team multi-day retreats that have been conducted intermittently since January 2008. Although the plan has not been completed, Southern Echo has already committed to some of the key elements of the program of work within the plan. This enables the Echo staff to begin or continue buy ambien online implementation of the program of work notwithstanding that other elements of the plan are still in the formative stage. (more…)

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