Public Schools Innovation Zones

Public Schools Innovation Zones Table of Contents

  1. 2009 West Virginia School Innovation Zones Act
  2. 2009 West Virginia Innovation Zone Application Scoring Rubric

Public School Innovation Zones Documents

2009 West Virginia School Innovation Zones Act
In 2009 West Virginia passed the School Innovation Zones Act, a process through which a public school district, a group of public school districts, a public school or a portion of a public school can be approved to become an “innovation zone”. Educators in an innovation zone can undertake creative methods to deliver to students a quality public education. An innovation zone requires a detailed education plan setting forth a detailed plan that must receive approval from both the local and state education authorities and teachers and other school personnel affected by the plan. The plan must be undertaken by licensed, qualified educators with proven education and fiscal management success. Research-based evidence must be provided with the plan that demonstrates there is a reasonable basis for success of the innovation plan. Serious oversight of the innovative process must be provided by education authorities. No exemptions from state standards, benchmarks or regulations can be approved by education authorities unless it can be demonstrated with research-based evidence that such exemptions are necessary to fulfill the innovation plan.
2009 West Virginia Innovation Zone Application Scoring Rubric
This 2009 scoring rubric provides a recommended outline for the evaluation of applications for approval of a proposed Innovation Zone. The degree of detail required by this rubric in the assessment and evaluation of an application appears to be consistent with the extent of detail required by the state statute that authorized the creation of public education innovation zones.

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