Health Equity

Southern Echo has worked to address inequities in education, housing, and the political drivers of these inequities, through our grassroots capacity-building programming, census and redistricting training and monitoring, and governmental transparency and accountability organizing. However, within the last few years, health disparities have emerged from a primarily medical lens to be viewed in the context of the more fundamental injustices that Mississippians face, especially African-Americans in low-wealth communities. It isn’t just that problems like obesity, poor diets, and health illiteracy, which have long been considered the traditional drivers of poor health, are present in the lives of Mississippians, but that the state of Mississippi refuses to provide the means by which its citizens and residents can experience good health and well-being. From an unwillingness to accept Medicaid expansion under the ACA to turning a blind eye to a burgeoning HIV/AIDS epidemic, to providing few resources for local, city and county efforts to improve housing, protect the environment and provide every student’s access to an excellent education, Mississippi guarantees their poorest citizens and residents will be sick, demoralized, and at-risk of dying before the age of 75. Southern Echo and it’s allies work to minimize those health gaps by providing education and resources to affected communities.

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