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Current MAEP Funding Formula is an Equitable Solution for Public Education:

Check-BoxBy looking back to the original intent of MAEP, we find that in 2002-03 the proposed base funding amount was $3,804. That amount is not far from the contemplated wholesale reform  amount of base costs of $4,800 under HB 957. …

Southern Echo Releases a New Map Showing MAEP underfunding FY 2015, 6-year underfunding FY 2010-2015; 2014-15 District Grades WITHOUT WAIVER

MAEP UNDERFUNDING MAP November 6, 2014, Jackson, MS – Today, Southern Echo released a new MAP which illustrates:

A. the cumulative millions of dollars each district has lost due to systematic underfunding of the MS Adequate Education Program (MAEP) by the legislature in …

MS Dept. of Education amends District Report Card and sets up 2nd Round of APA review

Jackson, MS – On Friday, Sept. 11 the State Board of Education formally voted to make significant changes in the new school district Report Card and Guidelines, and set in motion under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) the revised Report

Southern Echo says US Dept. of Education effort to tie Title I funding to charter school legislation is wrong for Mississippi

Jackson, MS — On Sept. 10 Southern Echo issued a policy paper opposing the efforts of US Dept. of Education Secretary Arne Duncan to pressure states to tie the availability of Title I funds for children at-risk to whether individual …