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Our Work

Community Organizing, Inter-generational Model, Bottom Up Model/Analysis 
Southern Echo organizes communities and education stakeholders to demand that the state of Mississippi delivers a first-rate quality public education to every child regardless of race, gender, disability or zip code.

Southern Echo’s work in Health Equity includes teaching communities how to advocate and fight for quality and affordable health
care while incorporating wellness practices to improve their overall quality of life.

Community Organizing is at the heart of Southern Echo’s work. It entails empowering the maximum number of people with the necessary tools and skills needed to impact public policy at every level of government – federal, state and local.
Southern Echo’s work in Expanding Democracy includes Voter Education/Protection/Registration, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), Census, Get Out The Count (GOTC) and Redistricting.


We appreciate your interest in volunteering with Southern Echo. We have diverse opportunities for you to work with our team in communities across Mississippi. Your help will be invaluable.