Southern Echo midway through 10-year strategic plan to build new paths and provide for leadership transition

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October 15, 2008, Jackson, MS – Southern Echo Executive Director Leroy Johnson has announced that Southern Echo is midway through the development of a 10-year strategic plan designed to set new paths for the work of the 19-year old organization, while anticipating and providing for necessary and appropriate transitions in organizational leadership during the next decade.

The framework of the plan, Mr. Johnson noted, is being developed during management team and staff team multi-day retreats that have been conducted intermittently since January 2008. Although the plan has not been completed, Southern Echo has already committed to some of the key elements of the program of work within the plan. This enables the Echo staff to begin or continue buy ambien online implementation of the program of work notwithstanding that other elements of the plan are still in the formative stage.

Mr. Johnson said that this is the most ambitious strategic planning effort ever undertaken by Southern Echo. In the past, Johnson noted, the organization has had several overlapping 3-year and 5-year plans that provided flexibility and enabled Southern Echo to adapt its work to changing conditions. Mr. Johnson noted that this past experience with the strategic planning process has greatly informed the Southern Echo’s most intense and comprehensive debrief and self-evaluation since the year-long inquiry that was undertaken before Southern Echo began work in 1990.

Southern Echo expects to complete the 10-year plan early in 2009, Mr. Johnson said.