3rd Convening of South X Southwest Experiment is Planned for December 8-10, 2008 in San Antonio, TX

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Fall, 2008, San Antonio, TX, Albuquerque, NM and Jackson, MS – Grassroots community organizations in Texas, New Mexico and Mississippi are putting the finishing touches on the 3rd Convening of the South X Southwest Experiment which will be held in San Antonio, TX December 6-8, 2008.

This third gathering of community organizers, community leaders and students will continue the sharing of personal stories, community histories, the organizational work in each state, and the formulation of joint programs across state and regional lines.  Projects in the planning stages include training workshops beginning in 2009 for a multi-year organizing approach to fight for an accurate census count in 2010 and the building of fair political districts in 2011.  In the works is a training series for public officials and community to build together models of accountable governance, policy formation and implementation at all levels of government.  The organizations in the South X Southwest Experiment are also working together on the creation of a training curriculum focused on the history, politics and culture of the two regions.

The 3rd convening, to be held in San Antonio where the Southwest Workers Union is based, will follow the 20th anniversary celebration of the founding of SWU.  The 1st convening was held in Greenwood, MS in 2007 in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, where Southern Echo and the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable focus their work.  The 2nd convening was held in June 2008 in Albuquerque, NM where the South West Organizing Project is based.