South by Southwest Experiment Summit 2016

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On July 28-31, 2016 SXSWE held a convening in Albuquerque, NM entitled “New Mexico Accountable Governance Summit.” This summit focused on achieving a representative democracy that responds to our community’s struggles with the level of urgency that they deserve. The subject of this summit was grounded in the rich political moment of the summer of 2016, will advance a set of principles aimed at improving government’s responsiveness to the struggles endured by everyday people in our day to day lives. 

The South X Southwest Experiment is an intergenerational partnership of:

Southern Echo Inc. and the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable, MS
Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio, TX
South West Organizing Project, Albuquerque, NM

Working together through the South X Southwest Experiment, we seek to bring Black, Brown and Native American communities together across traditional race, political and geographic barriers to share their state’s and community’s histories, personal stories, strategic analysis and current programs of work to build collected people and organizational power to impact public policy that improves the quality of life of black and brown people in the south and southwest.

Together we are building a common ground on which activists from across Mississippi, Texas and New Mexico can pool their strengths and resources to impact the formation and implementation of public policy on fundamental issues of joint concern.

Conference highlights included panel discussions on these topics and others:

  • Developing Pipelines of Leadership Towards Governing Power for Youth of Color and Low Wealth;
  • Census & Redistricting: Obtaining Fair Representation and Apportionment of Federal Funding – Overview and Implications for Grassroots Organizations;
  • Public Financing of Elections in New Mexico: A Pathway for Communities of Color and of Low Wealth; and
  • Accountable Governance Principles.

One of the accomplished goals coming out of the “New Mexico Accountable Governance Summit” was a draft of the Accountable Governance Principles. You can click on Accountable Governance Principles above in the bullets to view the working draft.

You can visit our SXSWE partnership website to view more on the past and on going work of of the South by Southwest Experiment.

For more pictures from the conference, you can head over to Southern Echo’s FB page and South by Southwest Experiment’s FB page to view more pictures.