Delta region grassroots organizations reach 41,000+ during election in nonpartisan voter drive

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Mississippi Delta region, Nov. 5, 2008 — You just didn’t need to tell anyone that the 2008 election was historic: the electricity of this defining moment crackled. Folks who had resisted every encouragement to register and vote since the 1965 Voting Rights Act jumped off the sidelines to vote for the first time. Teenagers, normally too cool to give a nod to politics, were thrilled to be engaged in this grand democratic enterprise. Young men came off the corner to lend a hand.

The MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable, comprised of ten grassroots community organizations based in the Delta region, brought together on a non-partisan basis an intergenerational order tramadol no prescription team of teenagers and community elders to go door-to-door, hold community meetings and voter education workshops, help hundreds of registered voters to transfer their registrations to the precincts in which they lived to ensure their votes would be counted, conducted voter turnout motorcades and parades, talked on half-day radio live remotes to reach voters in surrounding counties, worked voter turnout phone banks and drove voters to the polls. The live radio remotes reached radio audiences in excess of 125,000 on each occasion.

The result: the 10 organizations touched directly more than 41,000 voters to help create the largest voter turnout in the state’s history.