MS Legislature 2008-2009

On this Legislative Page we will post documents and links to documents throughout the year that relate to state legislative process and policy developments.

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As documents become outdated we will remove them.

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11-19-08 Governor Barbour’s Proposed FY 2010 Budget

This document released November 19, 2008, includes the Governor’s press release explanation of his proposed budget for fiscal year 2010, which ends June 30, 2010, and an outline of his budget recommendations.

11-19-08 Brochure of “The Children First Act of 2009”

This a set of education policy recommendations to the 2009 legislature by the 2008 legislative Task Force on Underperforming Schools.

08/12/09 Senate Bill 2628, “The Children First Act of 2009”

This is Senate Bill 2628, referred to as “The Children First Act”, as sent to Governor Haley Barbour.

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