Community Organizing

Vulnerable and marginalized communities in Mississippi are often communities of color, communities of low-wealth, or both, and these communities often suffer from limited opportunities and the challenges of a deck stacked against them. Youth are particularly disadvantaged as the policies created by legislation have often stripped the public education system down to a husk incapable of properly preparing students for adulthood and employment. Using its intergenerational approach to community organizing, Southern Echo is committed to helping both youth and adults from vulnerable or marginalized communities to successfully navigate the public education system and escape the cycle of generational poverty by increasing the depth and effectiveness of the communities’ civic life. Southern Echo provides education, training, and technical assistance to individuals, organizations, and communities, supporting their efforts to affect progressive change and have influence over policy that impacts their lives.


YES! works to train, expose, and educate its youth (ages of 8-18) in leadership development, enhanced civic knowledge, and community organizing while supporting traditional academics and STEM. We welcomed its inaugural class of YES! participants in 2019.  Learn more HERE!

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