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Current MAEP Funding Formula is an Equitable Solution for Public Education:

Check-BoxBy looking back to the original intent of MAEP, we find that in 2002-03 the proposed base funding amount was $3,804. That amount is not far from the contemplated wholesale reform  amount of base costs of $4,800 under HB 957. …

Echo and Roundtable Release Table and Map Showing Data the Gov.’s Commission on Education Structure Refused to Provide

ECHO Releases Information Jackson, MS – Southern Echo and the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable release a table and map showing the data that the Governor’s Commission on Educational Structure (“School Consolidation”) would not provide regarding the Augenblick report, notwithstanding the numerous requests made …

500 celebrate 5 years of work to improve MS public education

Awards PresentationItta Bena, MS, Nov. 13, 2008 — First they spent the day talking some serious stuff, then they par-tayed. 500 students, parents, educators and public officials from more than 20 counties in the Delta region came together at the MS