Echo and Roundtable Release Table and Map Showing Data the Gov.’s Commission on Education Structure Refused to Provide

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ECHO Releases Information Jackson, MS – Southern Echo and the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable release a table and map showing the data that the Governor’s Commission on Educational Structure (“School Consolidation”) would not provide regarding the Augenblick report, notwithstanding the numerous requests made by Southern Echo and the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable. The data was received from the MS Dept. of Education as public information under MS state law. Thanks the Department for its gracious and disciplined transparency in support of the right of the people to know.

The Table and Map show the QDI rankings, the enrollments, and the cost per student of central office expenses for the 2008-2009 school year, which is the same year used by Augenblick in his report. Augenblick used this data to target 18 school districts and some members of the Governor’s Commission continue to urge consideration of this data as a basis for targeting school districts for consolidation.

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