Southern Echo and Pushback Network to conduct training on organizing to empower grassroots communities through fair redistricting plans

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Redistricting Pic Jackson, MS – August 20-22, 2010 – On August 20-22, 2010 Southern Echo and the Pushback Network, a national network of state-based grassroots community organizations, will partner to conduct a 2.5 day residential training school for grassroots community organizations in the Pushback Network from Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and New York. There will be participants from other organizations, also.

The training sessions will focus on how political redistricting and reapportionment have been used to control the distribution of power throughout American history, the legal principles and political considerations that drive the redistricting process now, the mechanics of preparing redistricting plans from the census get ativan no prescription data, the complex criteria that now are used to evaluate the constitutionality, legality and political viability of proposed redistricting plans, and why community organizing around redistricting has been a formidable basis for significant grassroots community successes in the redistricting process.

The school will also focus on how community organizations can build relationships with attorneys, demographers and social scientists to form a powerful team that can support the needs and interests of grassroots communities to obtain fair redistricting plans that provide them with reasonable opportunities to elect representatives of their own choice.

The enrollment for this training has been by invitation through the Pushback Network.