Say No to Undermining MS Adequate Education Program (MAEP) -NO TO HB 957-

Echo logoHB 957 is a collection of major acts of destruction toward public education. While divided into subsections, they point to the overarching theme of a scheme to systematically dismantle public education in Mississippi. Such acts, are consistent throughout HB 957 and work in concert to cheapen the value proposition of public education and strengthen the case silently for a rise in public charter schools.

HB 957 is proposing a starting base of per student funding at $4,800, which falls short of MAEP’s $5,358 (it should be noted that current funding is only done at $4,980 because MAEP is not fully funded).

Some actual figures from the current school year in metro area school districts paint an even starker portrait; the districts start with the rough figure of $4,980 and then once the figure has been worked through the district formula it becomes an actual base amount of approximately $3,715. (more…)

Current MAEP Funding Formula is an Equitable Solution for Public Education:

Check-BoxBy looking back to the original intent of MAEP, we find that in 2002-03 the proposed base funding amount was $3,804. That amount is not far from the contemplated wholesale reform  amount of base costs of $4,800 under HB 957. Education reform in Mississippi is going backwards.  Education funding has not progressed to meet the needs of all public-school students. Funding proposed in 2018 does not advance Mississippi to a competitive level of student achievement, but instead promotes inequity; attempting to move towards school choice instead of fixing the clear disparities caused by regressive funding over the span of 2002-2018.

To combat the punitive reforms proposed, the answers may be hidden in plain sight within MAEP. (more…)