House Bill 957 passed 66-54, BUT…

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school-funding-051916-mb-mgfxIt takes courage to stare down inequality.

House Bill 957 will set public education back by a decade or more in Mississippi, by lowering state costs and shifting the burden of costs to already stressed school districts.

We take this time to regroup and rejoin the fight with renewed focus:


  • A focus on equity for all students, regardless of zip code;
  • A focus on seeking concrete responsibilities for state funding that meets the true needs of students;
  • A focus on raising the bar of equality across all regions of the state;
  • A focus on how the national and state conversation are increasingly more hollow when considering poverty and race; concern for the least of these.

The battle is far from order ambien online over. In the near term we are faced with bringing real solutions to bear, shining a light on the intended consequences of HB 957.

Now is the time to revisit MAEP and the true meaning of fully funded public education. With equity as the standard, we ask you to join us as we seek proper solutions to counter the dangerous proposals of HB 957.

Next week we will be shining a light on MAEP, Augenblick, and the rise of increasing tax burdens on local communities. With each we are building a path towards equity in public education solutions.

Stay tuned for new analysis, training and ways we can all join the fight..