Echo Releases First of Maps on Newly Released MS School Data

2010 Mott Proposal

Southern Echo is releasing the first in a series of maps that makes visually accessible the complex 2011 data approved by the State Board of Education on Friday, September 16, 2011 regarding School District Accountability Rankings, Quality Distribution Index scores, Graduation rates, and other data.

The attached color-coded maps and tables illustrate the Rankings, QDI scores and Graduation Rate percentages; QDI scores for 2009-2011 with the 2011 accountability ranking; and Graduation Rate percentages for 2009-2001 with accountability rankings in each of the 152 school districts. We also buy lorazepam online no prescription show how many districts are included in each rank and the percentage of the whole that each rank represents.

Please Note: In January 2011, according to State Supt. of Education Tom Burnham, the State Board of Education voted to eliminate the “At Risk of Failing” ranking category for school districts and schools.

Therefore, the ranking system now includes from highest rank to lowest rank: Star, High Performing, Successful, Academic Watch, Low Performing and Failing.

Click here to access the webpage containing the maps and chart.