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Check-BoxBy looking back to the original intent of MAEP, we find that in 2002-03 the proposed base funding amount was $3,804. That amount is not far from the contemplated wholesale reform  amount of base costs of $4,800 under HB 957. Education reform in Mississippi is going backwards.  Education funding has not progressed to meet the needs of all public-school students. Funding proposed in 2018 does not advance Mississippi to a competitive level of student achievement, but instead promotes inequity; attempting to move towards school choice instead of fixing the clear disparities caused by regressive funding over the span of 2002-2018.

To combat the punitive reforms proposed, the answers may be hidden in plain sight within MAEP. (more…)

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Southern Echo, Inc. and the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable will hold a convening at MS Valley State University of approximately 500 parents, students, educators and public officials from more than 40 school districts to analyze and assess the research-based data that demonstrates the proposed public school consolidation strategies of MS Governor Haley Barbour are not an appropriate approach to or solution for the problems facing Mississippi school districts.

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