Echo and Roundtable Submit Proposed Changes to State Board of Edu. School District Report Card

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Echo & Roundtable Proposed Changes Jackson, MS – On Sept. 22 the 10 organizations in the MS Delta Catalyst Roundtable concluded that the Sept. 11, 2009 revised school district Report Card and Guidelines adopted by the MS State Board of Education failed to mandate sufficient data be included to enable parents to hold their school districts and individual schools accountable. On Sept. 23rd, in its 2nd submission of recommendations to the State Board of Education, Southern Echo and the Roundtable provided 14 proposed changes to the Report Card.

In the submission Echo and the Roundtable noted, “The proposed Report Card and Guidelines as Revised are intended to provide our communities with sufficient transparency to hold their schools accountable to deliver the quality of education to which our children are entitled. Effective, order ambien online knowledgeable parent and student engagement with the school district and the schools attended by their children requires a substantial amount of information concerning both the district and the individual schools.”

The submission also stated, “While we appreciate the initial revisions made by the MS Dept. of Education, the revisions are not sufficient. The revisions of the Report Card Guidelines only mandate the provision to parents of district-wide data and fail to mandate the disclosure of data at the individual school level. School-level data is essential if parents are to have the information needed to understand performance and progress at the schools which are attended by their children….”

The Echo-Roundtable 2nd Submission and the State Bd of Education Revised Report Card and Guidelines are posted on this website.